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Wireless forces gather momentum

roundup Wi-Fi backers seek a role in broadband Web access. On tap: an avalanche of 802.11g devices and a Toshiba notebook with dual-band Wi-Fi.

roundup Wi-Fi advocates seek a role in spreading broadband Web access to small cities and rural areas. Meanwhile, "Instant Wireless-G" devices from Linksys will lead an avalanche of 802.11g products, and Toshiba readies a notebook with dual-band Wi-Fi technology.

Souped-up Wi-Fi networks edge their way into the discussion on how to spread broadband Web access to remote places, an issue that focused on cable modems and DSLs.
November 21, 2002

The first of what may become an avalanche of products based on the 802.11g wireless standard hits the market next month as Linksys unveils its "Instant Wireless-G" gear.
November 19, 2002

The PC maker is looking to get a jump start in the market for notebooks that can work with more than one wireless network.
November 17, 2002

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Wireless "hot spot" provider Boingo Wireless unveils software meant to make it easier for people with handheld devices to use Wi-Fi wireless networks.
November 14, 2002

Wireless networking--particularly Wi-Fi--and the home and office devices that take advantage of these connections will be a dominant theme at Comdex Fall 2002.
November 14, 2002