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Wired opens NYC gadget store for holidays

Wired opens NYC gadget store for holidays

In a brand extension we didn't see coming but perhaps should have, tech magazine Wired is opening a retail shop in New York for the upcoming holiday season. Located (just like yours truly) in the high-rent climes of Soho, the store, located at the corner of Wooster and Houston, will exist for only six weeks--from November 18 through December 24.

The official press release says the temporary store will have "more than 65 products ranging from the hot new Motorola PEBL phone to the Ultimate Gaming chair" and promises that "during the weekend, Wired Store shoppers who make purchases will also receive door-to-door shuttle services to their next destination courtesy of a fleet of VW vehicles waiting outside the store."

We're not sure where those cars will be waiting, since there's not exactly a lot of parking around there. Coincidentally, the flagship Apple store is mere blocks away from where Wired will be opening its doors.