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Wired clothing goes white-collar

Suit controls music players, mobile phones

Shiny Shiny

For years we'd been hearing that suits were on their way back to the office, but we'd begun to suspect that it was just the work of some industrious (and increasingly nervous) marketing execs at Brooks Brothers and other purveyors of traditional attire. Yet pinstripes may see a revival of sorts thanks to consumer technology, where fashion follows function, at least where clothing is concerned.

Although there have been plenty of wired options for fitness and casual wear, U.K. department store chain Marks and Spencer is planning to offer an iPod suit that will let you discreetly maintain your metal-head identity during all those insufferable process meetings. The $300 suit, made of wool and Lycra, has five buttons hidden under the lapel that can control a music player or mobile phone, according to Shiny Shiny.

Call us old-fashioned, but we think it might be better for your career than an MP3 hat.