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Tech Industry

Wipro sets up Compuware facility in Bangalore

Indian software company opens center to train consultants and engineers on tools developed by Compuware.

Indian software company Wipro opened a new center in Bangalore on Thursday, to train its consultants and engineers on life-cycle testing and service management tools developed by Compuware. The dedicated center will serve as a proof-of-concept facility for Compuware software products such as QACenter and Vantage and will help Wipro's testing professionals try the tools on different enterprise computing scenarios, the companies said.

"The issues of application quality and performance continue to be of great concern to IT organizations. Our partnership with Compuware, along with this Center of Excellence, will allow us to help our clients to improve the reliability and availability of enterprise applications," C. P. Gangadharaiah, Wipro's vice president for Interops Solutions, said in a statement. QACenter is a group of tools designed to help automatically test applications before they go live. Vantage is designed to help assess enterprise application performance from an end-user's perspective.