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Wiping the 21st Century Way

How do you say Manos a lave in English?

What ho? Why, it's Sir James Dyson, inventor of the luxury vacuum cleaner, loitering about in the men's room. We haven't seen someone with a title in there since Sir Guy Burgess.

Hang on, give me six seconds Dyson

He's there to advertise the Dyson Airblade, an energy-efficient hand dryer that strips water droplets off your mitts in six to twelve seconds.

Put your hands in, and a curtain of air traveling at 400 miles per hour removes the moisture. The drying area is relatively small--you can't stick your head in, for instance--but it will whisk away water on your hands in about 12 seconds or less. The Airblade does not dry with heat, like most U.S. hand dryers, but by force. The air stays at ambient temperature.

It's similar to hand dryers found in Japan, but it dries your hands faster, says the company, and it's far more stylish. The company will show one off in New York City next Tuesday.

And if Sir James is there, you can drop a quarter into the tip jar next to the Airblade.