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Winter clothing sale: 40% off Totes gear

Stock up on all your cold-weather wearables before the first day of winter.


Winter is coming. And there are plenty of warm apparel bargains to be had. If you want to get your hands on some high-quality winter clothing and gear from Totes, now's your opportunity, because you can save 40% on umbrellas, boots, coats and more using code CNET40 from now through Dec. 31. Yes, you read that correctly; you have until the end of the year to take advantage of this offer, but you should absolutely get something sooner rather than later to protect yourself from the bitter cold and rainy days ahead.

Totes has a lot of wonderful stuff to keep you warm, including this $75 Packable Puffer Jacket for women. While it may not look particularly insulated, this is the type of jacket I would choose, because it allows for the addition of more layers for warmth. Consider layering rather than simply buying a larger coat, it will prevent the wind from cutting right through you. Years of Chicago life taught me as much. And, as a fun fact, I adore the rain but despise being rained on, so umbrellas and especially tall rain boots are my go-to gear when it rains -- I always feel invincible. So there's no way to go wrong with any of these deals. 

Hop to it while this deal lasts.