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Wintel polishes its crystal ball

The two halves of the Wintel duopoly--Microsoft and Intel--outline their plans for home networking, processors, and other key initiatives.



The two halves of Wintel--Microsoft and Intel--outline plans for home networking, processors, and other key initiatives at the WinHec developer conference.

"First we ignored the sub-$1,000 PC, then we denied its existence. Now we've embraced it."

- Pat Gelsinger, Intel senior vice president


Simplifying home networks, imaging
Microsoft provides its vision for consumer technology, emphasizing the importance of home networking and digital imaging and addressing its failures in these areas.

Pat Gelsinger photo Intel plans straddle high, low ends
The chipmaker outlines its road map for desktop, mobile, and server lines, announcing a new mobile technology to extend battery life.

Microsoft plans another Windows release
Contrary to earlier announcements, Redmond's president says it will release another version of Windows 98 in the year 2000.

550-MHz Xeon processors ship
The latest version of Intel's fastest server chip is shipping, and sources say a new, faster Pentium III will come out next month.