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WinHEC: Microsoft's designs on the future

The software maker looks ahead, from Bluetooth this year to PC alternatives farther out. Find out what it has in mind for the next wave of computing.

The software maker looks ahead during its Windows hardware conference, from Bluetooth wireless networking this year to PC alternatives farther out. While planning for the next wave of computing, the company is also backing Bluetooth with hardware and touting toys, music and video software.

Microsoft gazes into its crystal ball
It's been just six months since the software giant shipped Windows XP, but the company is already looking ahead, with a list of trends it says will reshape computing as we know it.
April 18, 2002 
Intel shows off new mobile chips
The chipmaker announces at WinHEC its production of its first prototypes of the upcoming "Banias" processor, the company's first chip purely designed for use in mobile PCs.
April 18, 2002 
Gates touts vision of PC as hub

WinHEC aims to bridge PCs, consumer electronics
Michael Cherry, analyst, Directions on Microsoft

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update Microsoft's chairman takes the stage at WinHEC, announcing support for wireless networking technology Bluetooth and demonstrating devices for the networked home.
April 18, 2002 
Microsoft urges support for new IP
The software maker is lobbying the computing industry to start moving the Internet to the next-generation underpinnings that will lay the groundwork for much richer networking.
April 17, 2002 
Microsoft dips into digital media
The company, seeking to become a vital player in the budding world of digital media, details a host of software products intended to ensure its influence over music and video
April 17, 2002 
Allchin: Innovation key to PC profits
Microsoft group vice president Jim Allchin and other executives tell the crowd that it'll take more than a color change to persuade customers to part with their money.
April 16, 2002 
Microsoft works to network entire home
The software giant will release a hardware and software developer kit that will let companies link everything from light switches to refrigerators to computers.
April 16, 2002 
Getting ready for high-end Windows
The company is building a high-end feature into its OS for speeding up data access in multiprocessor servers--a feature that to date has been available only in high-end Unix servers.
April 16, 2002 
Start-up shrinks PC to palm size
update A Seattle-based company called OQO plans to show a handheld at the WinHEC confab this week that is capable of full-sized PC functions.
April 16, 2002 
Windows expo tunes into the home
At its WinHEC show this week, Microsoft will brief engineers on developments in home PCs, including writing DVD discs and using PCs to record TV shows.
April 16 
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Mira device makers give nod to Intel
Philips, ViewSonic and two Asian contract-manufacturers will build their Mira devices around Intel's XScale processor, an early salvo in what will likely be a year filled with gadget news.
April 12, 2002 
Microsoft backs rewritable DVD format
The company's endorsement of one of two competing standards may foretell the outcome of the battle over DVD-burner formats. But some say Microsoft's backing doesn't guarantee a victor.
April 10, 2002