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WienerDrone drops a hot dog from the sky

Wieners take wing with Oscar Mayer's WienerDrone, a flying machine designed to deliver a hot-dog payload to the hungry.

This is madness.

Oscar Mayer/Kraft

Something's been missing from your life. That something is a four-rotor flying gadget in the shape of a hot dog that also delivers a bunned-up wiener into your waiting arms. Oscar Mayer's latest bizarre publicity-stunt-meets-hot-dog-vehicle is the WienerDrone, which it describes as "the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery." 

The WienerDrone looks like a scaled-down version of the infamous Wienermobile, a hot-dog shaped automobile. It's 24 inches (61 centimeters) long, can ascend at a speed of 13 feet (4 meters) per second, has a 1-mile (1.6 kilometer) range and can last for 15 minutes in the air. Despite its physical prowess, it's only designed to carry one hot dog at a time. 

The oddball drone holds the hot dog in a cardboard box, securing it with a net on its belly. That net can release on demand, sending the hot dog on a daring journey through the air to a waiting person. It will get its public debut on July 4 at a special event in (where else?) Weiner, Arkansas. 

The WienerDrone represents a new step in remote-controlled hot-dog deliveries after the unveiling of the all-terrain Wiener Rover delivery vehicle in 2015. It also falls into line with other takes on food delivery by drone, including Domino's flying pizza tests and Alphabet's airborne Chipotle burritos. It's raining hot dogs. Hallelujah!