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Wine bottle fills your glass before you pour

Decorative wine bottle in a glass is a good gift idea for the holiday season.

MoMA Store
November means a lot of things, depending on who you ask. To me, it means two things: Thanksgiving dinner, and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Some department stores are prone to posting gift ideas and festive decorations as early as October, but many of us wait to start keeping an eye out for presents until the end of November, when stores all over the country drop prices.

A MoMA store gift idea for the wine enthusiast in your family could be this wine glass inside a bottle by Claudio Colucci. The carafe is hand blown so that a perfect wine glass is nested inside. Since it's made by hand, each one is totally unique. That and the fact that it comes from the MoMA design store make it perfect secret Santa material.

Maybe it's just me, but I could see this thing turning into a fun holiday party game.