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Tech Industry

Windows XP, antitrust trial in homestretch

Microsoft says Windows XP will be slightly pricier than earlier versions. Also: A new judge is assigned to the antitrust case.

A day after tips its hand, and two months ahead of the official release date, Microsoft announces pricing for the new operating system; consumers and businesses should expect to pay slightly more for XP than for earlier versions of the Windows software. And on a legal front: A new judge is appointed to oversee the antitrust case.

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Gates unveils Windows XP
Bill Gates, chairman, Microsoft, and Jim Allchin, VP, Microsoft platforms group

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Windows XP seeks the limelight
Chris Jones, VP, Microsoft Windows client division
New Microsoft judge in the spotlight
Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has ruled on geese, telemarketers and terrorists, but not on antitrust cases.
August 24, 2001 

New judge assigned in Microsoft trial
A federal court randomly assigns U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly to preside over the Microsoft antitrust case.
August 24, 2001 

Windows XP to cost more than 2000, Me
Microsoft announces Windows XP pricing, and as expected, consumers will pay a little more for Microsoft's new operating system than for previous versions.
August 24, 2001 

Microsoft stirs it up with Windows XP bash
The company on Friday will host a celebration marking the release of Windows XP to PC manufacturers, but the big question is whether the public will take to the software.
August 24, 2001 

Amazon glitch previews Windows XP again
The online retailer resumes taking advance orders for the business version of Windows XP for at least several hours, giving a possible preview of pricing for Microsoft's new OS.
August 23, 2001 

Windows XP rush bypasses Sun's Java
Sun Microsystems may have missed its opportunity to get the newest version of Java on PCs loaded with Microsoft's new operating system.
August 20, 2001