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Windows users will turn green with envy

A News.com reader says Windows fans may feel a bit envious after watching the demo of MacOffice for Mac OS X.


Windows users will turn green with envy

In response to the Sept. 5 column by Chris LeTocq, "StarOffice vs. MS Office":

I agree with you about your three pillars of Microsoft Office dominance. I bet, anecdotally, nobody uses more than 40 percent of any Office product functions. Nobody can--it's too bloated and too complicated.

The XML Office file formats will certainly level the playing field. I know companies switched out Macs for PCs to just get Office object interoperability (which I thought was quite an illegal antitrust violation). I also think it's a fair comparison to compare and contrast Windows Office and MacOffice now, as well from an end-user standpoint (though IT will still face the current monopoly pricing).

After seeing the Webcast at Macworld of the Microsoft demo of MacOffice for Mac OS X, it is substantially optimized for the Mac OS as opposed to XP, no? (Fast-forward to the 15-minute mark for the MacOffice demo.) I think Windows users may feel a bit envious.

Kamalesh Thakker
Beverly Hills, Calif.