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Windows that close automatically when trains go by

A man claims to have automated his windows to close every time a train goes by near his house. His video demonstration is something to behold. But does it really work?

Sometimes you have to live with discomforts.

These can be human--lovers who snore, lovers who wear far too many clothes in bed, or merely lovers who turn over and go to sleep without remembering your name. They can also be uncontrollable annoyances, like foghorns, barking dogs, or trains.

Ed Rogers happens to endure the latter. He doesn't want to have to endure it, though.

So he decided to rig his windows with a remote control, an Arduino linear actuator, a Webcam, and some other fine pieces of electronica in order to get his windows to close automatically whenever a train goes by.

I am noisily indebted to Neatorama for sending me to this interesting and complex set-up that Rogers has put together. Obviously, I have no idea whether it is technically accurate or a mere ruse.

However, his video demonstration, while feeling nerdily dedicated, seems like a lot of effort for an imperfect result. You see, Rogers himself declares in the video that the windows close "slowly and quietly".

My own experience of trains is that they go (semi-)swiftly and noisily. This would suggest that the train might still win this battle of the energies.

Regardless, Rogers shows in his video that the trains outside his apartment sometimes go slowly and that his contraption does reduce the noise levels substantially.

There will be some who will wonder why Rogers moved in next to a railway line in the first place. To exercise his ingenuity, perhaps.