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Windows Phone update fixes disappearing-keyboard bug

The latest update to Windows Phone addresses a few issues, including the disappearing-keyboard glitch, an issue syncing with Gmail, and a problem related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

Windows Phone's latest update fixes the disappearing keyboard glitch and several other bugs.
Windows Phone's latest update fixes the disappearing keyboard glitch and several other bugs. Josh Miller/CNET

Microsoft seems to have solved the mystery of the disappearing Windows Phone keyboard.

Just rolling out to select phones yesterday, the latest update to Windows Phone 7, known as build 8107, resolves a variety of issues, according to Microsoft. Chief among them is a fix for the vanishing keyboard, which has vexed many users of Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango.

First spotting the glitch in October, users complained that their keyboard would either vanish in the middle of an e-mail or text message or simply fail to pop up when activated. At the time, Microsoft told CNET that it was investigating the issue to find the root cause, and now it seems the company has been able to resolve the problem.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to CNET that the update has been deployed to different carriers.

"Our engineering team has developed a service release which has been delivered to our carrier partners for their assessment," said the representative. "Details on specific improvements contained in these releases are available via the Windows Phone Update History page."

As detailed on the Update page, other glitches that have been fixed include a Gmail syncing error and an e-mail issue with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, which prevented the original message from being included in the response. The update also resolves a flaw involving weak encryption keys issued by digital certificate authority DigiCert Sdn. Bhd.

Further, a voice mail notification issue affecting certain European and Asian networks is on the fix list.

Finally, the 8107 update addresses a location-based privacy issue, allowing a certain feature in Windows Phone to send anonymous information about local Wi-Fi hot spots and cellular towers only if the user agrees to it.

Italian Windows Phone news site (English translation) said today that it received the new update on a Vodafone LG Optimus 7 phone.

But the update apparently does not resolve an SMS flaw found last month that can trigger the disabling of the messaging functionality in Windows Phone, tweeted Tom Warren, a news editor at The Verge and founder of WinRumors.

Windows Phone users can always check Microsoft's Update History page for details on the latest updates.

Updated 10 a.m. PT with information from Microsoft.