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Windows Phone swag store full of baby onesies, beer glasses

Let the geek fashion wars begin! I'll see your Apple rugby sweatshirt and raise you a Windows Phone organic kids T-shirt from the Windows Phone Gear Store.

Windows Phone swag
That's one happy Windows Phone fan. Windows Phone Gear Store

Apple fans have long had plenty of outlets for displaying their brand loyalty, perhaps most noticeably through Apple logo stickers on the back windows of their Subaru Foresters. Now Windows Phone fans can get in on the nerd pride action with clothes and accessories from the online Windows Phone Gear Store.

The Windows Phone logo done up in the style of an "I heart..." message is available on everything from a large Thermos bottle to an infant bodysuit. You can never be too young for brand loyalty.

Magnets and stickers are good ways to spread the message on your vehicle and refrigerator. A $10.99 pint glass will give you an opportunity to drink away your sorrows or toast your new gadget, depending on your mood.

The most expensive item is the $34.99 hoodie, a specific clothing item we're probably not likely to see Mark Zuckerberg sporting anytime soon.

The gear store is made possible through the magic of CafePress. It just launched a few days ago. The store blog says there will be some tweaking of the product selection and design.

All the products are being offered at the base cost, so you can rest assured Microsoft isn't raking in the dough from its Windows Phone tote bags and mugs. Hmm. This is starting to sound a lot like a PBS pledge drive.