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Windows Phone market share falls below 1 percent

Despite a global rise in smartphone sales, Microsoft's market share has continued to fall.


The newly released Lumia 650.


Microsoft's Windows Phone may not be long for this world. Although the first quarter of 2016 saw a 3.9 percent increase in global smartphone sales year-on-year, Windows Phone saw a nearly 2 percent drop in sales. According to the latest Gartner report, Windows Phone sales went from 2.5 percent and 8.27 million units in Q1 2015 to 0.7 percent and 2.4 million units in Q1 2016.

This may not come as a surprise. In October last year, Microsoft unveiled two new Lumia phones to little fanfare. Last week, Microsoft revealed that it would be selling off its low-end, feature phone unit, announcing that it would continue supporting existing Lumia phones, but making no mention of future phones.

Meanwhile, Blackberry continues to languish even further, dropping from 0.4 percent market share to 0.2 percent market share. iOS dropped from 17.9 percent to 14.8 percent, while Android saw a rise from 78.8 percent to 84.1 percent.