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Windows Phone Mango update coming to all eligible phones

Microsoft is rolling out the Mango update now to all eligible handsets -- so you should have your fill of Mango very soon.

The Nokia Lumia 800 may be the "first real Windows phone" according to Stephen Elop, but soon all Windows Phone handsets will be running the same Mango software, Pocketnow reports.

Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering at Windows Phone, wrote in a blog post that Microsoft was "now delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of carrier."

Eligible handsets include everything "that's not listed as 'scheduling' or 'testing' on Where's My Phone Update?" page on the website, Hautala promises. A quick check of the International page reveals all UK networks are getting the update, apart from the Samsung Omnia 7 on T-Mobile, which is "being scheduled for delivery". So not quite every handset under the Windows Phone sun.

A glance at the comments on the blog entry shows things aren't going quite as swimmingly as Microsoft would like us to believe. The Samsung Focus, which is only available in North America, is singled out for criticism, as well as Microsoft's reticence on the subject.

"It's disappointing to note that Eric has refused to even acknowledge anything directly about Samsung Focus v1.4," wrote 'blaksnar.' "He has never even mentioned it as an exception in any of his post. This is getting beyond ridiculous. It's a month now since Mango was public and we need to wait for god knows how long?"

"That's great but when can we expect this Mango update?" said 'ounkeo1974'. "I'm running a Singapore HD7 and I've waited and waited and even now, I'm not getting anything from the carrier or MS."

"Nothing yet here for my unlocked Samsung Omnia 7..." added 'HassanHAMM'.

Do you have a Windows Phone handset? If so, have you been able to access the Mango update? Let us know either way in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Pocketnow.