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Windows Phone Mango to deliver new SkyDrive features

Perhaps in a "me too" moment, Microsoft reveals some forthcoming features of its SkyDrive cloud service in the Windows Phone Mango update.

Perhaps in response to Apple's little iCloud announcement yesterday, Microsoft posted new details about a couple of features coming to its cloud-based SkyDrive storage service with the Windows Phone Mango update.

This includes: The option to share photos stored on SkyDrive via e-mail, text, and IM and the ability to upload videos to the cloud. Previously, Microsoft revealed that the Mango update would also bring Office document storage and sharing.

Based on the comments on the Windows Phone and Windows Live blogs, some users are not satisfied and want such features as developer access to a SkyDrive API, the option to expand storage (currently capped at 25GB), and file system access. However, Microsoft says Mango will offer more than 500 new features, so perhaps there's more in store for SkyDrive.

Windows Phone Mango is expected to be rolled out to devices in the fall.

(Source: Phone Scoop)