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Windows Phone 7's first update bricking some phones?

Reports on the Internet and Twitter point to some Windows Phone 7 handsets becoming inoperable after their very first update--notably the Omnia 7.

Oops. Matt Hickey, Bonnie Cha/CNET

Users of Windows Phone 7 handsets must have had high hopes when Microsoft released a patch yesterday that updated the operating system to improve the process of installing a forthcoming OS update. But some users, notably those with Samsung's Omnia 7, are reporting that the patch is bricking their phones, making them useless.

It's not all Omnias, and we can't confirm if its happening on other Windows Phones, but there are reports on Web sites like WinRumors and Twitter that some users say the update is making their phones unusable. In response, Microsoft, via the Windows Phone support Twitter feed, recommends that affected users return to the store where they purchased them and exchange it for a new handset.

When contacted today by CNET, Microsoft said it's reviewing the reports of bricking.

"We are investigating reports related to the Windows Phone update process and will provide additional information and guidance as it becomes available," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET.

The first major update for Windows Phone 7 is expected in the coming months, though Microsoft hasn't given a concrete date yet.

Omnia users, have you had any luck, good or bad, with this new patch? Let us know in the comments.