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Windows Phone 7 filmed running on prototype Asus handset

A prototype of what could be the first Asus smart phone on the market to run Windows Phone 7 has been captured in a video.

A prototype of what could be the first Asus smart phone on the market to run Windows Phone 7 has been captured in a video.

The unnamed handset was filmed at the Gnomedex 10 event in Seattle in August. The Lockergnome.com video lasts around 12 minutes, with a Microsoft employee explaining some of the main features of the mobile operating system. The phone has been photographed previously, while doing the rounds in Pakistan.

As CNET UK sister site silicon.com reported earlier this month, Windows Phone 7 has now been released to manufacturers. This means they can complete work on their hardware and customisations, in time for handsets to hit the market before Christmas.

Asus may be known mainly for its computers, but, like many tech manufacturers, it's also seeking a slice of the mobile pie. It's already released some handsets in partnership with sat-nav manufacturer Garmin

LG and Samsung are among the other manufacturers working on Windows Phone 7 devices. Acer, which is, like Asus, a Taiwanese company, is also creating its own smart phones, possibly including the rumoured Liquid Metal.

Image credit: Engadget