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Windows sound effects make fainting-man video comic gold

Sound effects of Microsoft's OS shutting down and restarting are added to a video of a man passing out while riding a roller-coaster. And yes it's funny.

The internet giveth and the internet taketh. One Wednesday, it gave us a new viral video aptly titled "Who put the Windows sound effects on this?" It has a simple recipe: one roller-coaster, one man passing out while riding the roller-coaster and two sound effects from Microsoft Windows.

In the video, a man passes out and regains consciousness several times while riding a roller-coaster. Every time he passes out a sound effect of a Microsoft Windows computer shutting down has been added. And every time he comes to, there's the sound effect of a Windows machine restarting.

These two simple sound effects plus the man constantly fainting makes this video both ridiculous and funny. And while it's hard to tell if the man is actually passing out (and we certainly hope he's OK), the video entertains.