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Tech Industry

Windows NT next for DOJ?

Microsoft's NT 5.0 and BackOffice have evaded antitrust scrutiny, but that could change as the company integrates new features into its server software.

While Windows 95, Windows 98, and Internet Explorer remain under the antitrust microscope, Fate of Windows 98 anyone's guess Windows NT 5.0 and the BackOffice server application bundle have evaded such scrutiny. That could all change as Microsoft integrates new features into its server software, the company's key strategic product line. Do bundled features such as built-in network security, transaction processing, and data analysis tools threaten the livelihood of third-party software makers?

NT: Next battleground
Microsoft's OS for corporate workstations and servers is likely to become the next high-profile battleground, regulators and outside observers say.

Drawing the line on NT integration
What will happen if the Justice Department turns its antitrust focus toward the company's booming server-side efforts, which target businesses?

Microsoft--foe, partner, or both?
Despite the perception that Microsoft gobbles up everything it needs and stomps on everyone in its path, companies can coexist with the enterprising software giant.