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Windows Media Player 11 coming soon?

Windows Media Player 11 coming soon?

We saw Windows Media Player 11 at CES this year, and forgive me for saying that it looked cool. Like, you know, iTunes cool. So if it is indeed going to show up soon for Windows Vista, it could be the impetus that a girl like me, carrying a nearly worn-to-death old iPod Mini, might need to jump ship to one of those snazzy little SanDisk Sansa e270 jobbies. Word has it that the new software, which will go hand in hand with the Microsoft- and MTV-developed Urge subscription and download music service, could make an appearance before the end of June. Unlike its loose-lipped approach to Origami buzz, Microsoft so far hasn't said much at all about WMP 11--meaning that WMP 11, unlike Origami, has a chance to actually exceed expectations.