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Windows Live OneCare beta update

Windows Live OneCare beta update

Microsoft today added new functionality to Windows OneCare Live beta and renamed the service to align with its Windows Live online product line. Antispyware scanning had been a part of the package previously, but users of OneCare had to download the app separately. As of today, Windows Defender beta is included in the OneCare install. Astute users will note the absence of the word beta from the OneCare interface. The service remains in beta; today's interface change, along with renaming the service, is merely a cosmetic tweak. When OneCare becomes available in June 2006, pricing will be $49.95 for one year of service, covering up to three PCs. Beta testers who sign up by April 2006 will be eligible to purchase the first year of coverage for a mere $19.95 as a thank-you for testing the service.