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Windows iPad mini rival tablets coming, Microsoft confirms

Dinky Windows tablets are in the works, the company has confirmed, with smaller-screen slates due in the coming months.

If you held off buying a Surface because it was too big or expensive, you might be delighted to hear that "a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows" will be splashing down "in the coming months", according to Microsoft exec Peter Klein.

Speaking on a company earnings call, Klein confirmed that dinky Windows tablets are in the works, our sister site CNET News reports. He did say the software behemoth was working with partners on the small-scale slates, so other companies could be working on them, but he didn't rule out a Surface mini.

That would tally up with reports last week that Microsoft was scrambling to build a smaller Surface to compete with the popular Nexus 7 and iPad mini. It's lowered the minimum screen resolution necessary to display Windows 8 -- to 1,024x768 pixels, from 1,366x768 -- meaning smaller, squarer screens are definitely on the cards.

While Microsoft may be running to catch up with its devices, it's still making plenty of money, with revenue and profits up in the last quarter, the company announced on the same call. In the three months to 31 March, the company raked in $20.4bn, making $7.6bn in profit -- and that's after a vast €561m fine from the EU.

Despite widespread reports of a collapse in the PC market, Windows made $5.7bn, up by 23 per cent on the same quarter last year. It didn't say how Windows 8 is selling, perhaps tellingly, but it might have expected a bigger boost than that.

The first update to Windows 8, codenamed Windows Blue, is due in August and is rumoured to make it easier to get rid of the touchscreen interface.

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