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Windows ads make a comeback

Is Microsoft's Windows Live so easy a 4-year-old can use it? That's the gist of a new TV ad set to debut on Sunday with the Grammy Awards.

After a brief pause, Microsoft's Windows ad campaign will start singing a new tune.

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Microsoft plans to debut a new commercial during the Grammy Awards on Sunday that focuses on its Windows Live services as part of the company's overarching Windows ad campaign that began with a short-lived series featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld and morphed into the "I'm a PC" campaign that started in September and directly targeted Apple.

The new ad features a 4-year-old girl using Microsoft's Windows Live Photo Gallery. It's part of a new phase for the campaign, which Microsoft is calling "Rookies."

"The aim is to put a spotlight on how Windows enhances your life regardless of your age," one Microsoft representative told me.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of several free Windows programs that was put out by the Windows Live group. The program, along with Windows Live Mail, initially replaced similar--but less connected--programs built into Windows Vista. With Windows 7, though, Microsoft has stripped the e-mail and photo management programs out entirely, encouraging users to instead download the Windows Live programs.