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Windows 8 screenshots emerge showing Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer has been given a new lick of paint in Windows 8, featuring the ribbon toolbar we originally saw in Microsoft Office.

Various screen-shots and snippets of info have appeared over the past few months shedding light on Microsoft's latest iteration of Windows, cunningly titled Windows 8. Today we're treated to a sneak view of Windows Explorer, showing off its improved user interface.

In the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft's own Steven Sinofsky showed off the operating system's new tweaks, chief among which is the new ribbon-style bar running across the top. The new ribbon explorer aims to work in much the same way as in Microsoft Office, where it first appeared a few years ago.

Windows 8 ribbon

The viewing options are grouped into a handy tab. Lucky you!.

When editing a document in Office, rather than searching through File, Edit or Format to find the command you need, various tabs group functions together onto separate toolbars, apparently for a more intuitive -- and aesthetically pleasing -- experience.

The same system has been applied to Windows Explorer with functions such as copy, paste and delete sitting in the Home tabs, with other tabs providing options for viewing modes and sharing files via email or over a network.

Other tweaks to Explorer include putting the most oftenly used commands in more prominent locations to make them easier for you to find. The proportions of items such as 'Details view' when an icon is highlighted have been altered in order to better display all the information in widescreen aspect ratios, which have now become the standard.

Windows 8 ribbon

Here are your sharing options. Does anyone still use fax?.

Along with the modern, clean tiles and app store aspects that have already been announced, Windows 8 is potentially shaping up to be a nicely refreshed product. We're not sure at this point however, just how the new Windows Explorer will be incorporated into the tablet-style interface of Windows 8 that we saw in the released photo gallery.

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