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Windows 8 only has 2% market share so far, study says

Microsoft's latest operating system has just a 2 per cent share of the market after three full months on sale, according to a study.

The stats are in for Windows 8. Microsoft's latest operating system accounts for 2.26 per cent of all computers, according to trend analytics firm Net Applications, SlashGear reports.

That's compared to Windows 7's 44.48 per cent, and Windows XP's 39.51 per cent. Windows 8 is just behind Apple's OS X Mountain Lion as well, which has 2.44 per cent.

Of course, Windows 8 has only been out for three months, so it's early days. Putting it in perspective, Windows 7 still had less than 10 per cent of the market six months after it came out.

If you want to help bump up those numbers, or were just putting off upgrading, then I'm afraid to inform you Microsoft jacked up the price yesterday. Windows 8 Pro will now set you back £190. Ouch.

Microsoft says it's sold 60 million copies of the operating system, but an unofficial report claims sales of Windows 8 PCs are "well below Microsoft's internal projections". One study showed just 39 per cent of people surveyed were planning on making the jump to Windows 8.

Microsoft has also annoyed some of its partners, with Acer putting the boot in, claiming the Redmond-based company doesn't stand a chance against Apple, and Fujitsu blaming a slump in computer sales on Microsoft's "weak" OS.

I don't think the price hike is going to help sales, but what do you think of Windows 8's chances? Is it too early to tell? And how about its usability? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook page.