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Windows 8 logo revealed -- it's a window

Microsoft has given Windows 8 a logo, eschewing the flag and going for a window. Makes sense.

Windows 8 is a "complete reimagination" of the Windows OS, according to Microsoft. (Even though 'reimagination' isn't a word.*) But you get the idea. To go along with the redesign, Microsoft has come up with a new logo to better reflect its 'Metro style design principles'. (That's how Microsoft describes its tile-based user interface, which is very similar to that found on its Windows Phone software.)

It enlisted design agency Pentagram for the project, Sam Moreau, principle director of user experience for Windows, writes on the Windows Blog. Paula Scher from Pentagram asked a simple question: "Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?" It's this kind of common-sense approach big companies often lack, with their hyperbolic talk of 'reverse engineering' and 'brand synergy'.

This is the result. It's clean, simple, and is a lot more in keeping with the tile UI on Windows 8. So what was with the flag? Moreau says the original logo was a window, but with the use of more "horse power to render more colours, better fonts, and more detailed and life-like 3D visual effects" the window became a flag fluttering in the breeze. So now Microsoft has gone back to its roots, making this much closer to the logo for Window 1.0. It even uses a similar colour.

You can check out snaps of Windows 8 here. Intrigued how it'll work on tablets? Find out here. It's designed with touchscreen devices very much in mind, and it does look very slick. But much like Windows Phone, I fear Microsoft is fighting a losing battle. Apple and Android tablets are so dominant now I'm not sure what Microsoft can do to attract anyone outside of its hardcore following.

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*Editor's Monday morning note: Of course reimagination is a word. Just not a very good one.