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Windows 8 hybrid-tablet mania

Tablet-PC hybrids are all the rage this season for Windows 8, Obama displays a new dimension of tech cred, and Amazon halts sale of Kindle Fire.

Thursday's tech news roundup calls for a deluge of tablet-PC hybrids:

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Everyone is talking about tablet hybrids at this year's IFA electronics trade show in Berlin. Every major laptop maker is getting in the game, all because of the October 26 release of Windows 8. Some choose to have the screen swivel or fold to be held like a tablet, such as the Dell XPS Duo 12 and the Asus Taichi. But most hardware makers are also offering tablets with full keyboards that snap on, like HP's Envy x2 tablet and Samsung's Series 5 and 7 Slates (which use a S-Pen stylus).

And since Windows 8 works with touch screens, you'll also see full-grown laptops sporting touchable screens. HP announced the Spectre XT Touchsmart, and Toshiba Satellite P845t.

President Barack Obama held a live chat via a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) Wednesday. The unexpected chat rocked the tech world, but it wasn't because of the answers he gave. Rather, it showed he is in touch with current Internet culture by using Reddit to communicate. At the end of the questions, he even referenced his own meme, saying that his Reddit experience was "not bad!"

Amazon announced that it has "sold out" of the Kindle Fire. Oh really? And it happened exactly one week before the press conference when a new Kindle Fire will likely be unveiled. Ain't that a funny coincidence.

Sony announced a cheaper version of it's Music Unlimited streaming service. Instead of the $10 monthly all-you-can-listen music service, there's now a $5 monthly option, but it doesn't work on mobile devices.

Lexmark will no longer be making inkjet printers. It will focus more on laser printing and office products.

A TomTom navigation app is coming to Android in October. No price info yet, however a TomTom app for iOS costs about $50.

And also in the mapping world, Google Maps made a few upgrades. Android users will now be able to get turn-by-turn directions for bicycles in the latest app update. And for those of you that use Google's Map Maker, you can share maps with your circles on Google+.


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