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Operating Systems

Windows 8.1 update could default to desktop on boot

The next update for Windows 8.1 could bypass the tiled Start screen and startup to the desktop by default.

More leaked information has come to light for the next update for Windows 8.1, expected to be launched by Microsoft in early April.

A Farewell to Charms: the Start screen could be bypassed by default. (Credit: CNET)

Once again, has the scoop, with the site reporting that the most recent build for the Windows 8.1 update indicates the desktop interface will become the default.

This means that the Metro-style tiled touch-optimised Start screen would be bypassed entirely during startup. At the moment, you can specify this as an option, but the default remains the Start screen.

If accurate, this is a sizeable shift away from Microsoft's touching vision of the future and would seem to indicate that the company recognises that a large number of uses still prefer a mouse and keyboard, even when working with a touch-enabled laptop or desktop.

Given that the last crop of 8.1 update rumours pointed to a greater integration between the two modes, a desktop default doesn't seem too unlikely. As always, we'll have to wait until Microsoft formally unveils the update in April.