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Windows 8.1 tipped to swap Messaging app for Skype

Microsoft is rumoured to abandon its bespoke Windows 8 chat app, in favour of built-in Skype.

The next version of Windows 8 is tipped to scrap its bespoke Messaging app, in favour of Skype.

Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, will become the primary messaging service for in Windows 8.1, the Verge reports, citing 'sources familiar' with Microsoft's schemes.

The current Messaging app uses your Facebook and Messenger accounts to let you chat with online pals. The app is missing from the preview build of Windows 8.1 however, and will apparently be switched out for Skype in the final version of the new software.

Although Microsoft has owned Skype since 2011, it's yet to really take advantage of the popular video and voice-chat service.

Skype is set to be a big part of the upcoming Xbox One however, and Microsoft is currently shutting down its long-standing Messenger service, in a bid to move everyone over to Skype.

By baking Skype into full-fat Windows, Microsoft may finally be making use of the £5.2bn it spent acquiring the service.

Windows 8.1 is the latest version of Windows, and is designed to bring new features, and modify some of the changes that weren't so popular in the jump to Windows 8. Notably, the preview build brings back a modified version of the ever-popular Start button.

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