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Windows 7 Family Guy clips outed, with bonus Sugababes

Microsoft has revealed official ads starring the cast of Family Guy. See what Peter, Brian and Stewie -- and the Sugababes -- have to say about Windows 7

We thought the Windows-sponsored Family Guy was dead in the water, after Microsoft backed away from Guy creators' Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show. But now patriarch prat Peter, evil baby Stewie and talking dog Brian have appeared on the Net in adverts for the new operating system.

The videos are on the official WindowsVideos YouTube channel, which also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the infamous Laptop Hunter ads, and a first look at the Windows-powered Twitter stream in the window of Saks, which has since been hilariously mac-jacked by Mac fans. Being official, the ads are suitable for delicate sensibilities. Take a look -- and stick around for a special appearance from yet another cringing celebrity endorsement as everybody's favourite girl-pop threesome the Sugababes 'push the button' -- chortle -- on Windows 7.

Windows Stewie


Spelling Bee

State of Windows 7

Bonus cringes: The Sugababes vs Windows 7

The Trigger's broom of pop show off Windows 7's many new features and 64-bit power by shuffling around a bit of clip art. Our favourite's Mutya -- no wait, it's Keisha -- hang on, who are these people? 

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