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Windows 7 delivered early to U.K. customers

Some British consumers are getting their preordered copies of Windows 7 early. The apparent reason? The looming threat of a postal strike.

Windows 7 Home Premium box

Some lucky Brits received their preordered copy of Windows 7 earlier Monday--several days before it goes on sale--proving that there is at least one good thing to result from postal strikes.

One excited CNET U.K. reader--Tom Brown, from Hertfordshire--dropped Crave UK a line to express his delight that he had come home to a package from retailer PC World. It was his copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, which he preordered a couple of months ago.

Naturally, he was confused. "(PC World) sent me an e-mail saying that Windows 7 would not leave their warehouse until the 21 October--a day before the official release," he told us in an e-mail.

The reason appears to be the looming threat of industrial action at Royal Mail.

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