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Windows 10's Your Phone getting Android notification syncing

No more missing mom's texts because you were working hard


Phone notifications will appear in Windows 10.

Vishnu Nath/Microsoft

Want to sync notifications from your Android-based phone to your Windows 10 system? The feature is well and truly on its way.

Notification syncing is already rolling out to Windows Insiders -- that's the prerelease testing program -- which means it will be available to the rest of us relatively soon.

Vishnu Nath, Director of Program Management for Microsoft Mobile eXperiences, announced the update in a tweet Thursday night.

We're likely to hear more about it during the inevitable recap of what the company's been up to at Microsoft Build, its annual developer conference which starts on May 6. We'll also probably hear about Microsoft's joining the trillion-dollar-market-cap club, which happened Wednesday after the company's earning's announcement.

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