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Winamp may live to play another day

Will the popular video and music player be saved at the last moment? A deal with parent company AOL to sell the software may be in the works, reports TechCrunch.

Will Winamp survive?
Will Winamp survive? Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Don't play taps for Winamp just yet. The program may yet get another lease on life.

Last month, Winamp maker Nullsoft announced that parent AOL was going to pull the plug on the software come Friday, December 20, after which point it would no longer be available for download. But blog site TechCrunch, which is also owned by AOL, said that a suitor may swoop in to save the program.

Citing information from "a source with knowledge of the discussions," TechCrunch said on Thursday that AOL has been chatting with a potential buyer about purchasing Winamp and Shoutcast. A streaming music site, Shoutcast is also part of the AOL empire via the 1999 takeover of Nullsoft.

The source didn't reveal the prospective buyer but expressed confidence that an agreement would be reached. Thanks to the deal, Winamp should live past December 20 and still be available for download, the source added.

How reliable is this information? Let's first see if Winamp makes it to December 21. If so, that would be a promising sign right there.

Crave writer Bonnie Burton once worked for Nullsoft and recently shared her memories about Winamp.