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Win an iPod touch!

Fill out our extremely short survey and let us know what you want this Christmas -- and be in with a chance to win an iPod touch

With Christmas decorations in shopping centres across the land, and supermarket shelves groaning with turkeys, there's no escaping it -- Christmas is nearly upon us.

But while you're mulling over what to buy your nearest and dearest this December, we're interested in hearing about your plans for your Christmas shopping. Are you planning to splurge on presents, or will one of the worst recessions of modern times force you to downscale your Yuletide ambitions? Are you planning on taking full advantage of the final few months of a low VAT rate, or will you fashion presents from twigs?

Let us know what your plans are by filling out our extremely short survey, culminating in the ultimate Christmas question -- what's your idea of Christmas heaven: the largest HD plasma screen in the world or a Christmas number 1 for Jedward?

Anyone who fills in the survey has the chance to win an 8GB iPod touch. One winner will be selected at random. You must be 15 or over to enter and live in the UK. The competition closes 11.59pm on 25 November (click here for the full competition rules).

The whole thing will take no more than a few minutes of your time, we promise. Think of it as a Christmas stress buster, and keep checking back here to see the results.

Click here to fill out the survey and enter our competition to win an iPod touch.