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Win a Zero-G flight... and maybe even a Trip to Space!

5...4...3...2...1...competition! CNET UK and Symantec are giving you a crack at a zero gravity flight, and maybe even a chance to go into Space. Cosmic!

This is CNET UK mission control. To celebrate the launch of Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton AntiVirus 2009 we've started the countdown on a competition that could make you the first Craver in space. All that stands between you and a zero-gravity flight is a simple multiple-choice question. Get that right, and if you're the lucky winner, you'll win a spin in the aptly-named 'Vomit Comet'. That means heading for the US to board a plane that simulates weightless conditions, as Rory "Croydon, we have a problem" Reid experienced recently.

Not only that, you'll also go into a draw to possibly become the first Craver in space. Yes, actual space, where the astronauts, probes, and aliens hang out.

The contest is open until 8th January 2009. To get you in the mood, check out our favourite spacecraft.

Or, if you're keen to blast off, click here to out the competition page and enter now. Have you got the right stuff?