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Chance to win a Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth wood speaker!

Ready to ditch some wires? This retro-styled bookshelf speaker (worth $150!) can pair with your phone or tablet for streaming goodness. And I'm giving away five of 'em!


You know those contests where there's only one prize, and like a million-zillion people enter, and you've pretty much got a snowball's chance in a volcano of winning?

This is not one of those contests.

For starters, there are five prizes. And as much as I wish Cheapskate readers numbered in the million-zillions, the exact number is probably closer to six. (Let's see, there's Mom, Mrs. Cheapskate, that guy I rescued from a burning building...yeah, about six.) So your chances here are really good.

It's the wood that makes it good. Fluance

Thanks to the good folks at CWD Brands, you can enter for a chance to win one of five Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth speakers, each valued at $149.99. (That link merely takes you to the product page so you can learn more about it. All of the actual contest action happens right here.)

Nice-looking piece of hardware, no? I like the retro styling and especially the bamboo finish, which covers an MDF enclosure that most audiophiles will tell you produces a warmer, fuller sound than any kind of plastic. And the glossy white front is particularly kitchen-friendly, in case you're looking for a speaker that won't hurt the decor.

I've been home-testing (which is the opposite of road-testing, natch) one of these for a couple months; to my ears it sounds fabulous. And, to paraphrase a famous Paul Newman character, a speaker won sounds twice as sweet as a speaker bought. (See CNET's review of the Fi30 for more gushy thoughts on this model.)

OK, so how do you enter? Simple: Hit the comments section below (if you don't see one, it's probably because you're running Ghostery or some other browser plug-in that blocks our comment system -- or you're using a mobile browser) and answer this question:

Are you ready to ditch wires for good, or do wired devices still have a place in your life?

Here's a more detailed, fine-printy description of how to enter:

  • If you're not already registered as a CNET user, please do so. If you're already registered, there's no need to register again -- you just need to be logged in. Go to the Join the Conversation section below my blog post and hit the Add Your Comment button.
  • Leave a comment below answering this question: "Are you ready to ditch wires for good or do wired devices still have a place in your life?" Leave only one comment. You may enter for this specific giveaway only once. If you enter more than one comment, you will be automatically disqualified.
  • The winners will be chosen randomly. If you are chosen, you will be notified via email. The winner must respond within three days of the end of the sweepstakes. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen. Entries can be submitted until Friday, August 8, at 11:59pm PST.
  • Some legalese: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the US, 18 & older, and a Registered User of Void where prohibited. Ends at 12 PM PT on 8/8/14. See official rules for details."

Good luck!