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Win a Crave t-shirt: one week to go!

It's your last chance to win a gorgeous Crave t-shirt in our wonderful 'please write a user review' competition -- go on, you know you want one

There's just one week to go in our Win a Crave T-shirt competition, so put your thinking cap on, dig out your typing mittens and rattle off your entry. We have ten t-shirts to give away to the people who submit the best reviews of products or programs by 12 midnight on Thursday 8 June, so it's time to share your thoughts about your favourite gear.

Available in one slimming colour (black), with a stylish white Crave logo on the front, these t-shirts aren't available for sale or rent -- the only way to get one is to win it. Write a witty and insightful review of a product from the Reviews section of the site, or a helpful and entertaining review of a program from the Downloads section, and your outpourings will automatically be passed on to our judges, who will award t-shirts to the authors of the ten best reviews. Click here for full details, and remember, your reviews must reach us by midnight on 8 June. -ML