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WiMax Forum announces new members

The WiMax Forum, a nonprofit organization advocating the development of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' 802.16 standard, announced early this week 18 new members to its ranks. The group also announced the completion of early interoperability studies of products in the 2GHz to 11GHz bands. The goal of the group is to build cost-effective wireless broadband networks that can offer wireless high-speed connections on par with cable and digital subscriber lines.

Andrew Corp., Atheros, China Motion Technologies, Compliance Certification Services, LCC International, News IQ, Powerwave Technologies, Redline Communications, RF Integration, RF Magic, SiWave, SiWorks, SR Telecom, Stratex Networks, TowerStream, TurboConcept, Wavesat Wireless and Winova Wireless join existing members Airspan Networks, Alvarion, Aperto Networks, Ensemble Communications, Fujitsu, Intel, OFDM Forum, Nokia, Proxim and Wi-LAN in the WiMax Forum.