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WiMax Forum adds carriers

BT, France Telecom, Qwest and others join the group, which promotes and develops WiMax as a last-mile wireless broadband technology.

An industry group that promotes and develops WiMax as a last-mile wireless broadband technology announced the addition of several service providers to its ranks. The WiMax Forum said Monday that BT, France Telecom, Qwest Communications, Reliance Telecom and XO Communications have joined the group, which now has 98 members. WiMax technology will be based on several 802.16 specifications that are in the process of being finalized as standards by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Increasing support from companies--ranging from gear makers and service providers--for WiMax means that products are likely to be less expensive because they will be more widely used. Products that use the technology are due out late this year and early next year.