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Willrio, the REAL master of disguise

We get Wario: Master of Disguise in and look at some of the PR gimmicks included.

When public relations companies send games to reviewers, they seldom send just the game. Usually it's the game, plus some colorful tissue paper, a snow globe, a mouse pad, or something like that. That's known as "swag," which is used by marketing departments and public relations firms to help build up hype about products.

Sometimes said marketers/PR reps make strange choices.

We recently got sent Wario: Master of Disguise for the Nintendo DS. It's the usual story of Wario stealing treasures and whatnot, this time using a magic wand (read: DS stylus) that can give him different costumes. To go with the game's theme of Wario wearing masks, the game came with two important pieces of swag: a mask and a fake mustache.

I haven't actually tried the game yet. But if it's half as fun as the mustache that came with it, then it's one of the greatest games ever.