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Will you buy an iPhone?

You've heard and read all about Apple's iPhone. Now, let's get a sense of how many people have the iPhone itch.

After all this, do you still want an iPhone?

You've read all about the specs, features, and limitations of the iPhone. You've ogled the display, frowned at the price, wondered about the network speeds, and assessed the state of your current relationship with a phone and carrier. If you haven't, check out our iPhone page to get yourself up to speed.

Anybody want to buy an iPhone? Apple

Then, in the comments below, please answer a simple question: Will you buy an iPhone? Maybe you'll be the first in line at your local Apple or AT&T store. Maybe you'll at least wait to read a few reviews, or at least until the dust settles. Or perhaps you'd rather wait for iPhone 2.0 before taking the plunge. But, do you want one? Tell us why--or why not.

We'll compile the answers below and report back later this week. Also, please check out a separate post from my colleague Maggie Reardon on whether or not you'd switch carriers to buy the iPhone.