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Will you buy a new iPhone 5C or 5S? (poll)

OK, CNET consumers. Now that you've had a chance to eye the specs on Apple's two new iPhones (and consider the state of your wallet), what are your initial thoughts? Will you be buying one?

Josh Lowensohn/CNET

After weeks of rumors, speculation, leaked photos, and parody videos, Apple's new iPhones have landed. As widely expected, the company announced two devices at its Tuesday morning event in Cupertino, Calif. -- the 5C and the 5S.

Like the iPhone 5, the budget 5C will sport a 4-inch display, as well as an A6 chip with "blazing-fast performance." The device has a plastic wraparound back and will come in five colors -- green, white, blue, red, and yellow -- with matchy-matchy screen wallpaper to complement the exterior. The 5C will retail for $99 for 16GB with a two-year contract or $199 for the 32GB version.

The flagship 5S, which Apple humbly calls the "most forward-thinking phone anyone's ever made," sports a 64-bit A7 chip that makes it the world's first 64-bit mobile phone. It's made of high-grade aluminum and comes in silver, gold, and "a new space gray." Oh, and it has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The iPhone 5S costs the same on contract as the iPhone 5 did at launch: $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. Protective leather cases will cost $39 each.

You'll be seeing plenty of analysis and reviews of the new phones in the days to come, but we want to gauge your initial reactions here. Will you buy one of the new phones? If so, which one? Take our poll.