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Will Will Arnett eat Alec Baldwin in Hulu Super Bowl spot?

In a teaser to its new Super Bowl spot, Hulu offers up Will Arnett, a man who seems to echo notions of alien-invaded TV similar to those of Alec Baldwin three years ago. But will Baldwin appear? Or has Arnett done away with him?

You might remember that, three years ago, Alec Baldwin rather graced the Super Bowl in an ad for Hulu.

In those heady times before he became subsumed into the alien world of Words With Friends, Baldwin offered that everyone in TV was, in fact, an alien. (I have embedded the evidence below.)

For this year's Super Bowl, it seems that concept is making a comeback, except this time with Will Arnett. Here we see him in front of the same large white doors that separate us from TV world.

Finally, he enters. But what is this all about? Should we worry or care? Yes, he offers the code word "mushy mush," the substance into which our brains were apparently turned in the original spot.

Some will wonder why Arnett appears to be replacing Baldwin. Might Baldwin have been de-alienized? Might he appear in the form of a glob of green slime? Might he have been eaten by Arnett, who is an even higher form of alien? Might his agent have asked for too much money?

Can we possibly wait for the actual spot, the one that will appear during the game, the one that will solve everything?

I think we can.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET