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Will 'Who' marry me? Time Lords Tennant and Smith join proposal

Brad Trechak and Missy Levy talk to CNET about how David Tennant and Matt Smith became an unforgettable part of Trechak's wedding proposal to his future constant companion.

The Internet is full of photos and videos of "Doctor Who"-themed wedding proposals.

Brad Trechak, an IT developer from New Jersey, saw an opportunity to raise the bar and give his girlfriend Missy Levy the ultimate wedding proposal for a pair of hard-core Who-vians, short of something that involved breaking the laws of time and space.

Trechak proposed to Levy Saturday at the Wizard World New York City Comic Con by getting down on one knee in front of his fiance, as well as famous Time Lord actors David Tennant and Matt Smith. Photographs of the sweet moment went viral after Missy posted them on her Instagram account, where she's scored more than 5,400 views, more than 1,000 likes and 100 comments of congratulations from friends and total strangers.


Brad Trechak proposes to Missy Levy at Wizard World in New York City on Saturday in front of David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Photos courtesy of Brad Trechak and Missy Levy

Levy, owner of a pop-culture-themed skirt shop on Etsy called Geek Girls' Castle, says the proposal was perfect because their love of "Doctor Who" brought them together. They met at a pub meetup for "Doctor Who" fans before they started dating in January of 2015.

Upon deciding to propose, Trechak saw an opportunity when Wizard World announced that Tennant and Smith would appear together at the convention. "I did not tell a soul," Trechak told CNET's Crave blog.

Trechak asked Levy to marry him with a custom engagement ring shaped to look like R2-D2.

Used with permission from Missy Levy's Instagram

Since Levy is also a fan of Star Wars, Trechak bought a custom-made engagement ring shaped like R2-D2 and placed it in a Tardis-shaped box. On Saturday, Trechak put the ring in his pocket, headed off to the convention with Levy and waited in Tennant and Smith's meet-and-greet line so he could surprise all three of them.

"There was a lot of disbelief and the actors were sort of the same way," Levy says. "He opened up the ring and asked if I would marry him and I was in total shock but somewhere in the middle of that, I screamed, 'Yes!'"

Jokes Trechak, "I had no contingency plan if she said no."

Tennant and Smith celebrated with the happy couple the instant Levy accepted Trechak's proposal. The actors also autographed the photo of the couple's special moment.

"When I said yes, that's when the Doctors did the goalie pose," Levy says. "We hugged them and thanked them because they had no idea they were going to be in on it and they were the first people to congratulate us."

The couple waited to post their photos on social media because they wanted to break the news to their parents later that night without the Internet leaking any spoilers. When the pictures finally went up on Instagram, however, a lot more people learned about their good news.

"I've had friends who've contacted me to say that their wives are now disappointed by the proposal they gave to them," Trechak says.