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Will we get a .lol or .google? ICANN's answer due June 13

The organization says it received over 1,900 applications for new generic top-level domains, from big companies, startups, geographical locales, and more.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Named and Numbers will hold a press conference next week to unveil the generic top-level domains that companies and organizations have applied for.

According to ICANN's announcement today, the agency received over 1,900 applications before it closed registration on May 30. Major companies and organization, as well as startups and even geographical regions, applied for their own top-level domains, the organization said.

With the advent of GTLDs, Web users can expect to many more Web addresses to crop up beyond the common .com and .org. Last week, Google evangelist Vint Cerf said that his company applied for a host of domains, including those related to its trademarks, like .google. In addition, the company asked ICANN for .docs, .youtube, and even .lol to take advantage of some common Web terms.

Managing a top-level domain can be costly, with startup costs reaching $185,000. ICANN requires owners to pay $25,000 per year for the continued use of their top-level domain.

ICANN's press event will be held in London on June 13. The organization says full details, including which companies have applied for GTLDs, will be divulged at the event.