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Will the real Pink Razr please step forward?

Will the real Pink Razr please step forward?

Moments after we published our "Pretty in pink" front door for our On the Go Mobile section, another pink member in the gadget family appeared. Say hello to the pink Razr. No, not that pink Razr--a new pink Razr. Yes, I was taken aback too, mostly because I've always heard the Magenta Motorola Razr being referred to as the pink Razr, despite its official color name. Well, this pink Razr is now the official pink Razr (confused yet?). It's another color option for the Motorola Razr V3c, exclusive from Verizon, and it is in a significantly lighter hue, veering toward strawberry milk compared with hot magenta. What's next--a ruby-red Razr? Tangerine orange? Periwinkle blue? Personally, I'll be waiting for one that looks like a Rocket Pop.