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Will the BlackBerry 8300 debut at CTIA 2007?

Rumors and images of a RIM BlackBerry 8300 series emerge.

RIM BLackBerry 8300
Can the BlackBerry 8300 come out and play? Boy Genius Report

Probably not, but damn, we wish it would. In our usual preparation for CTIA 2007, we've been talking with all the major phone manufacturers and carriers to see if we can get any dirt about upcoming announcements, and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has already told us that they won't be unveiling any new devices at the show.

The BlackBerry 8300 first got us drooling when it appeared on a Spanish tech site, and our admiration has grown ever since. According to the Boy Genius Report, which has a number of images and video for your viewing pleasure, there will be several versions of the 8300, including a camera and a Wi-Fi-equipped BlackBerry 8320. They also are reporting that the 8320 may land at T-Mobile, while the 8300 is Cingular/AT&T-bound. For the record, both carriers said they wouldn't have any huge product unveils either at CTIA, but we're kind of hoping they're just trying to pull a fast one us. Yes? Maybe? No? OK, fine.